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Watch 4. Planes of Movement

Watch 4. Planes of Movement


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4. Planes of Movement

Anatomy Snax • 5m 14s

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    The little noises that our bodies make are called Crepitus. In this video, we'll look at arthrokinematics, specifically AROM (active range of movement) + PROM (passive range of movement). Homework: What is Crepitus? Why does it happen? Is it bad?

  • 6. Agonist + Antagonist Partnerships

    As we begin to study muscles + their actions, it’s important to remember that our body functions as a whole organism. We move in creative + beautiful ways! Although we learn the actions of individual muscles, in real-life movement, no muscle works alone. Homework: Choose a yoga pose, and see if y...

  • 7. Fascia

    Fascia is the intelligent + all-encompassing biological fabric matrix. Homework: Define fascia in your own words. List 4 places where it's located in the body. What is it's function?