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Karate Kid, Progressive Flow

I love a progressive sequence, where the sequence repeats and builds on itself! I find progressive sequences challenging + rewarding, and I can really drop into my breath and my body. In this sequence, you can expect some eagle wraps, warriors, and chances to invert.

Anton Brandt

40 min, Intermediate + Fluid

Katonah Pranayama

"Turn your attention to the life that's happening inside of you, in this very moment". Vacillating between practices that stimulate and soothe, pranayama allows you to come home, to be alone with yourself.

Dages Juvelier Keates

30 min, Intermediate + Introspective


Curtis Williams is a former NFL athlete, and this is his signature class: a high intensity workout that focuses on strength, speed, agility and power.

Curtis Williams

20 min, Intermediate + Sweaty

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