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Watch 21. Hum, Yawn + Sigh into the Parasympathetic

Watch 21. Hum, Yawn + Sigh into the Parasympathetic


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21. Hum, Yawn + Sigh into the Parasympathetic

Anatomy Snax • 7m 24s

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  • 22. Shake It Off

    Did you know that many traditions around the world have a shaking practice? Let's examine the effect of shaking on our mechanoreceptors. Homework: Stand up and shake your whole body for 1 minute. Afterwards, take a child's pose or savasana and notice how you feel. Write it down.

  • 23. Somatic Awareness

    The Somatic Nervous System, or voluntary nervous system, is part of the peripheral nervous system. Homework: What is the somatic nervous system? How do our gestures + movements create our life experience? Have you ever had a somatic experience in a yoga class similar to how Sarah described?

  • 24. The Muscle Spindle

    The Muscle Spindle protects muscles from stretching too far, too fast. Homework: What is the sensation of stretch, in relation to the muscle spindle? Come into a seated wide straddle fold, and follow the same process that Sarah does. How can you use this knowledge of the muscle spindle in order t...