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Watch 26. Muscle Coactivation

Watch 26. Muscle Coactivation


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26. Muscle Coactivation

Anatomy Snax • 2m 5s

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    The diaphragm is the primary muscle of respiration. Accessory muscles of respiration include the intercostals, serratus anterior + posterior, scalenes, SCM, pecs, and more! Homework: try the scalene stretch on your own. What kind of breathing would you incorporate to enhance this exercise?

  • 28. The Diaphragm

    The thoracic diaphragm is a domed muscle located under the lungs, inside the rib basket. Homework: Close your eyes, breath slowly. As you inhale, imagine your diaphragm descending. As you exhale, imagine your diaphgragm ascending to it's relaxed position. Now scan your body as you breathe. What e...

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    The endocrine system is our gland system, which produces hormones to circulate messages throughout the body. This western medicine system aligns well with the traditional eastern Chakra system. Homework: write down the 7 Chakras, and which glands they align with.