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Watch 29. Chakras + Glands

Watch 29. Chakras + Glands


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29. Chakras + Glands

Anatomy Snax • 11m

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  • 30. Organized Organs

    Let's explore the location of our organs! Homework: Follow along with Sarah on this session. Then afterwards, see if you can trace + name the same organs without her guidance. What is the mesenteric nervous system? Describe it. Name the emotion that is associated with each organ, as described in...

  • 31. The Ultimate Savasana

    Some savasana adjustment tips from a master bodyworker! Homework: Try out your version of the ultimate savasana on a friend. Ask them for honest feedback, and then try it out again on another friend. It takes time to get confident with touch, so be patient and keep practicing!

  • 32. The Domes of Centering

    Learn to center yourself from the crown of the head down through the soft palette, the heart, the diaphragm, and all the way down to the pelvic floor. Homework: practice along with Sarah. Then on your own, try to remember all the domes, and close your eyes and see if you can bring awareness to ea...