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Watch 17. Soft Tissue of the Back

Watch 17. Soft Tissue of the Back


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17. Soft Tissue of the Back

Anatomy Snax • 2m 30s

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  • 18. Aint it hard bein' so (hard)Core

    In this lesson, Sarah defines 'the core' as all of the muscles the hug into midline. Homework: Do you agree with Sarah's definition of 'core'? If not, how would you define it, and why? Where is the QL muscle, and what does it do? Close your eyes, do a movement, can you feel it?

  • 19. The One + Only Psoas

    Everyone's talking about the Psoas! It's our physically deepest muscle, and is the only muscle that connects our spine to our legs. Homework: What does the psoas specifically connect to? What action does it create in the body? How does Sarah suggest to work with it, and why?

  • 20. Lining The Body Up

    In this session, we examine some typical postural patterns, and offer options for different somatic ways of being. Homework: Ask a friend to stand relaxed as Dan did, and try to cue them into full body length.