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Watch 3. Strength + Flexibility

Watch 3. Strength + Flexibility


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3. Strength + Flexibility

Anatomy Snax • 2m 35s

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  • 4. Planes of Movement

    The Planes of Movement and Osteokinematics. This video is part of an online curriculum developed for The Sacred Fig 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. It is designed to be watched as a prerequisite prior to participating in the training. Watch the videos in order. Homework: Stand up and demonstrate...

  • 5. Snap Crackle Pop : The Orchestra o...

    The little noises that our bodies make are called Crepitus. In this video, we'll look at arthrokinematics, specifically AROM (active range of movement) + PROM (passive range of movement). Homework: What is Crepitus? Why does it happen? Is it bad?

  • 6. Agonist + Antagonist Partnerships

    As we begin to study muscles + their actions, it’s important to remember that our body functions as a whole organism. We move in creative + beautiful ways! Although we learn the actions of individual muscles, in real-life movement, no muscle works alone. Homework: Choose a yoga pose, and see if y...