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Watch 12. The Knee

Watch 12. The Knee


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12. The Knee

Anatomy Snax • 5m 50s

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    In this video, we'll explore the muscles + movements of the thigh + pelvis. Homework: What actions do the glutes create in the legs? What are the muscles called that are located underneath the glutes? What do they do?

  • 14. The Shoulder

    Let's explore the shoulder, specifically how the scapula glide along the rib basket. Homework: Close your eyes and move your shoulders slowly in: protraction, retraction, elevation, and depression. What muscles create each unique movement? Can you feel them?

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    Let's look at the hands, and their relation up to the shoulder blades. Homework: Get on your mat in a tabletop, and feel the relationship from your hands all the way up the kinetic chain, to your chest, shoulders + shoulder blades. What is the great affect of turning the hands around to face bac...