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Watch 9. Rivers of Nerves

Watch 9. Rivers of Nerves


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9. Rivers of Nerves

Anatomy Snax • 2m 55s

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    This is an intro to the 9 videos that follow. We suggest you watch this before watching the upcoming videos focused on specific body parts.

  • 11. Let's Play Footsies

    Let's take a closer look at the foot, including the tripod of the foot, inversion, eversion, and more. Homework: The gastroc and the soleus run together to create what tendon? What does that tendon attach to? Further study: how many arches does the foot have? Why is that important?

  • 12. The Knee

    Let's take a closer look at the knee, including the surrounding muscles + ligaments. Homework: Explain the myo-fascial connection from the thigh to the shin. What action do the hamstrings invite? What are the three points (the tripod of the foot) that Sarah suggests cueing to in the foot, and why?