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Watch 21. Daily Practices Overview

Watch 21. Daily Practices Overview


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21. Daily Practices Overview

Ayurveda Snax • 2m 32s

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  • 22. Waking Up

    Here's how to make a few simple tips for your morning routine so your light will burn even brighter all day long!
    Wake before sunrise
    Use a tongue scraper
    Drink a mug of warm lemon water
    Try a neti pot with nasya oil
    Splash your eyes with cool water, or spritz with rose water

  • 23. Everybody Poops

    According to Ayurveda, healthy poops happen one to two times daily. In a perfect world, the first bowel movement of the day occurs within a few minutes of waking, ideally before sunrise. If there is a second bowel movement later in the day, it often occurs after a meal, in the afternoon or evening.

  • 24. I Scraped My Tongue and I Liked It

    A tongue scraper gently removes toxins from the tongue itself and simultaneously stimulates, massages, and cleanses the associated organs and deep tissues.